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Originally Posted by UniverStalinGraduate View Post
I find it really amusing that you're referencing the minutes he got the year the Habs went to the conference finals.

You realize that if you finish in the conference finals that you are one of the 4 best teams? And by any math or logic I know finishing 4th out of 30 would be deemed at least moderately successful.

And of course you're ignoring that in these IMPORTANT GAMES Darche played 11 out of 19 games and when he did played got 6:15 per game.
hey ,

I seen it with my own EYES..i watch every game.

You say what you like , defend who you like , i don't care.I was the only one i seen calling Habs already missed playoff in NOV OF LAST YEAR.I called the Habs to get a top 3 pick well before new years!The Anaheim Ducks at the time was 18 pts below MONTREAL .
I seen it , while others was saying we're only 2 pts out ..

The same way Martin flipped on a (female)reporter ,when asked if Cole would be better on Powerplay than DARCHE, THIS YEAR.......

Hey wake up , it happened .

Darche is a great guy , no one debates that.

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