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06-27-2012, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by DontgoZiggy View Post
Didn't see this posted. Nothing much said, but he doen't think he needs to apologise. Perhaps the incident was overstated.
I don't think it was overstated. Based on some of the things the players were saying, it sounded like it wasn't just the Doan and Brown shake... sounded like a lot of them were chirping. That and the way they mobbed the refs after the game (See Smith stick-throwing) and the replay that shows Doan's not just saying "not now" and means he's not owning up to what really happened makes the whole thing deserve all the negative attention it got.

But it's over now and we got the Cup so it's not as big of a deal any more... though still big enough that I'm looking forward to games against them next season. lol

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