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06-27-2012, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by BGDDYKWL View Post
I find this amusing. And don't get me wrong, a ton of people here in America agree with you. IMO Canadians should want Anderson to lose so that more people consider GSP to be the best around. GSP is a national hero. Anderson Silva is a guy who doesn't speak their language from a country they've likely never been to. They should like GSP more than Anderson. I'll never understand that in this country. Other countries almost universally root for their own, whereas we often times don't. It's unfortunate.

It is hard to tell what the split is. I am Canadian and a majority of my friends and people I associate with want Silva to kick Chael's ass and I think that is based on the way Chael presents himself. It is like he is that bad guy on WWE that is very biased against anything that is not American.

Also addressing the GSP V Silva debate... most of the people I know will barely pay to watch a GSP fight (but still want him to win) as he has become very boring and safe. Anderson Silva on the other hand is entertaining and an excellent fighter but if it ever came down to a Silva vs GSP fight.....I feel that a large majority of Canadians would be down with GSP.

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