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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
I think for Flames fans, historians or anyone who saw the games at that time you would think Fleury is the last person to blame for those failures. He racked up a healthy spread of points, even in those first round losses. No one should blame Fleury for those failures. Rightfully so, this is a lull in Vernon's career that is what has kept him from the HHOF so far. From an observational point of view Vernon gets a large share of the blame. Not Fleury, not MacInnis or Suter, not even Nieuwendyk. If Vernon wins just one of those first round series from 1990-'94 we view him differently.

But Fleury isn't to blame, he poured his guts out.

His career wasn't too shabby and for those that compare him to Mogilny I don't think it would have been too hard to decide who you wanted on your team at that time. Fleury would have been the unanimous choice. He wasn't like Mogilny, he was more consistent, a better leader and day in and day out did what it took to win. Mogilny had one year of that, got a fat contract and then coasted. Fleury didn't.

He has a good enough stat line to get in as well. 1088 points in 1084 games. 455 goals. Finished 6th, 7th and 8th in points as his highest. Finished 2nd in goals at his highest. Always was picked for Team Canada - always. He deserves a long look, but it might take time.
that's a huge point, and it's probably a sign that he has a better than decent shot of getting in someday.

not counting his rookie year with the flames and his few months with the avalanche, he never made it out of the first round. not once. and yet when you ask people in and around the league about fleury, one of the first things out of their mouths will be, "big game player." both gretzky and quinn called fleury the best big game player in the league when talking about picking him for the 2002 canadian olympic team, and messier has said similar things about him. these are the guys who beat fleury in the first round every year.

those names, of course, also constitute the old boys network that by and large still hold the keys to the HHOF. if "classy" got nieuwendyk into the hall, i have to think "big game player" will someday do the same for fleury.

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