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06-27-2012, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Pnut View Post
I think ESPN thinks its:

Nascar's ratings have taken a plummet the last several years.

In reality it is

NFL...NBA/MLB...then everything else

They love the NFL too much. When there was a labor stoppage in Football last year I could hear concern in the voices one of their ****** anchors, everytime they were reporting about it. When this almost happened to the NBA they didnt seem as concerned. I really believe the guy that runs that station loves NFL and everything else is secondary. (I don't believe its the ("great" NFL) ratings only, because lets face it the NFL gets as many fans as the NBA and MLB do, it just has less games to get them)
I will have to disagree on where you think ESPN's priorities are. I truly believe hockey is dead last. Trust me, I don't count on ESPN for my hockey news anymore. It's NHL Network for me but from what I remember, hockey was an afterthought. ESPN is in love with the NFL and NBA. Even baseball takes a backseat to those sports it seems. And just look what sports ESPN shows. I know the NHL no longer has a contract with them but that should tell you something. That damn channel shows poker for christ sakes! And pool! They spend more time on that than the NHL.

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