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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
hey ,

I seen it with my own EYES..i watch every game.

You say what you like , defend who you like , i don't care.I was the only one i seen calling Habs already missed playoff in NOV OF LAST YEAR.I called the Habs to get a top 3 pick well before new years!The Anaheim Ducks at the time was 18 pts below MONTREAL .
I seen it , while others was saying we're only 2 pts out ..

The same way Martin flipped on a (female)reporter ,when asked if Cole would be better on Powerplay than DARCHE, THIS YEAR.......

Hey wake up , it happened .

Darche is a great guy , no one debates that.
Once it came out that Markov wasn't ready for the season because of his knee people started worrying about the season. Don't act like you were predicting a playoff miss months before anyone else caught wind.

I don't care if Martin put Darche on the PP a few times, or out late in a game...that has LITERALLY NOTHING to do with what Darche is as a player, which is a 12/13 forward who doesn't really take anything off of the table, or bring anything particularly good to the table either.

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