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11-29-2003, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Puck
I keep hearing this line that Gleason refused to sign with Ottawa because it was in Canada. Does anyone have a quote or reason to believe this? Or is this one of those things that are said that becomes true because nobody bothered to question it.

I met the Gleasons in Ottawa and they never mentioned this. Gleason the father did say he would have liked his son to play for Detroit, but just like a Quebec dad would like to see his son play for the Habs or a Toronto parent would like to see theirs play for the Leafs. The Kings aren't the Winged Wheel and Gleason signed anyway.

I would love to know the reasons why things happened the way they did.

At that point near the trade deadline, The Sens were broke and had no money to pay for contract bonuses. The Sens were stacked at D and a player and his agent would surely prefer to play hardball and get traded to a team with a greater need at D. Gleason could only look forward to playing in the AHL for a few years if he signed with the Sens.
I'm not exactly sure what the reason was, but I think it might have been mainly financial. Gleason was drafted in the first round the same year as Spezza. The Sens couldn't afford to give two players first round money and Gleason wanted first round money.

I don't know about the not wanting to play in Canada, I had heard the rumor. But he also originally refused to play anywhere but Plymouth before the OHL draft but after the Spits drafted him they convinced him to play in Windsor. He might have been happy to play in Canada if the Sens could have afforded to sign him.

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