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Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
Ye I live in Toronto and they coast the whole season, not just preseason. I also know just how awful Maple Leafs are and their roster "skill" level. Aside from Kessel, Grobovsky and maybe Phaneuf its a huge drop- like in a lot of NHL teams. It's overhyped and overblown 10 fold (like the past 3 WCs proven), and I'll take the skill level Dynamo Moscow or Omsk Avangard teams over the Leafs anyday.

Same for Carolina that lost to SKA. And if you didn't watch the game, you wouldn't know that Carolina actually WAS trying for the first half of the game, until they realized that someone MIGHT get injured- and the COACH ordered the team to relax and pulled the best player.

These games should be like playoffs- not for money, but for prestige. If you truly think you are the best - go on the ice and prove it. And NHL has no interest in actual competition with KHL teams because they can realistically lose quiet a few, and legitamize KHL as a serious league, which it is anyway.

Skill level also isn't everything in hockey, but that's another topic.
the leafs are an odd situation no doubt about that and if you think the players coast in the nhl but try in the khl you're just letting your bias show.

the NHL has no interesting in playing the KHL cause they have nothing to gain from it, can't blame them for that, that's the reality of the situation.

Also I'm not really sure what the WC's have proven... Russia has been a close to full strength team and Canada has been a B or C team the last few years

I looked at the Omsk roster, Aside from Frolov and Roman Cervenka I don't see anyone I'd consider that special.

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