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06-27-2012, 04:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Los Angeles View Post
Toronto just seems like it be a very difficult place to rebuild because of their fan base (at least thats thr vibe i get from their boards) so it seems like doing a true rebuilding process thag was done jere would be really difficult to pull off. Id hate to have that job
No more difficult than it was to do one in LA. In LA you have to worry about attendence dropping and the community having zero interest in the team wheh they are sucking. In Toronto you'd at least have solid fanbase support if you're up front and present it to them the right way... Yeah dealing with the media would be a nightmare sure, but with the right staff and players in place it could be done.

Trouble is they DON'T have the right people in place to rebuild. Burke isn't a build through the draft kind of GM, the scouting staff in Toronto is terrible, and as sson as things go bad they fire the coach and throw the blame on him. Food for thought, since the 2003 draft, only Mitchell, Stralman, Reimer, Schenn and Kadri have spent significant time playing for the Maple Leafs... That's just down right atrocious scouting, drafting and development any way that you look at it. A full rebuild in THAT situation is what makes it impossible.
Compare that to the Kings which in the same time frame since the 2003 draft currently have Brown, Kopitar, Quick, Lewis, Bernier, Martinez, Doughty, and Clifford, all contributing to the NHL squad...

Toronto can say all they want that the Kings are the model but it's just lip service and in no way true.

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