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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
Those things are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they're pretty closely tied together. You'd think coaches would have been telling him not to chase hits and take himself out of position already, since that's the biggest flaw in his game and something that you can't do in the NHL without hurting your team drastically. So why is he still doing it?
I dont agree, thats not the biggest problem he has.

I think that he is good natural hitter and it just comes natural for him to stand forwards up.

The problem he has is this really. I don't know where he came from when he came to the WHL. But it was (naturally) not a high level. And McI definitely got a history of being more of a two-way D. In the WHL, he has sparsely been used in a big role. He has mostly played in a no 4 role.

What does it take to be a decent top 6 D in NY? To display great gap controll (that's really what playing D is about these days?)? To be able to stay at "the right side" against the best of the world without clutching and grabbing?

A long answer short. It takes alot. In that sense, McI does just not have "alot". And why would he? Staal is extremely special. McD has been so impressive. Girardi paid his dues, for what 6 years, and he gets to concentrate on the few, really, very strong qualities he do have.

McI is just not good enough to in general play a good game, not just get by most of the time. Because a D like that would never crack our blueline.

Besides that, he has qualities that would/will give him a cult status if/ when he do become good enough.

He is also no stiff in any sense really, and could with time move up into a no 4 role.

So what he really must do is work on his game all over the board. Just concentrating on putting it together. Getting a good feel for the game and so that he is more comfortable on the ice.

I think would be very contrproductive to start putting a leash on him and trying to minimalize his misstakes/breakdowns by getting him to play a safer game. He needs to do what he does and do it well. He will need to do many things well to make it to the NHL. Otherwise he will go the same route as Bobby Sanga who focused on defense for 3 years after getting drafted and ended up becoming a D who couldn't do anything well...

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