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Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
I didn't miss anything.
He was still a #2 Dman at the end of the 10-11 season.

Jan 1 2011 and on, he only palyed in 4 games with less than 19:40 TOI.
In 24 of those games, he played more than 22mins.

Ya, really sheltered.

So where are you getting your stats from? Because you're wrong, again.
I actually watched the games. Not hard to get leaf games here. Definitely was being kept away from top lines. Not a #2 defenseman at all, just no one worth playing more on your sad sack leafs.

You should try it some time. I'm still right and schenn still sucks, then and now. Lol

Have to admit, I am looking forward to the amount of twisting you do next time when you try to explain, if Schenn was so good he was #2 d-man on the Leafs, why they never got above 25th in the league defensively in four seasons with him, and included a dead last and a second last place finish. Again, some day you're going to need to learn the difference between "being a #2 defenseman" and "SUCCEEDING at being a #2 defenseman". There was a REASON he was kicked down to #7 over time, no matter how much you squirm to deny it. Most of us got that difference when we figured out the basics of player analysis, so when you get to that point, let us know...

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