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Originally Posted by Gruntfuttock View Post
People here keep saying that Wideman was only good in Boston because he played with Chara. Well that's just not true, Wideman played very little with Chara during his time with the Bruins. Andrew Ference was Wideman's usual partner.

And Wideman is definitely not as bad as so many Bruins fans will tell you. He gets a bad rep because he has such great confidence, and not such great skating ability. He'll make plays in his own end that when they work, look beautiful and when they don't, well... But he doesn't make mistakes that much more than any other top-4 D, they're just easier to remember to an average fan.

This is a guy that'll play 25min / night (many times over that in Boston), PP and lots of PK too. He'll hit, block shots and by all accounts, is a great team mate. He seemed very liked within the Bruins team. Oh yeah, and he brought it every year in the playoffs with the Bruins. In his last year, he had great playoffs (easily a top-4 player) after being booed by idiotic Bruins "fans" in the regular season. With this salary cap, I don't think the cap hit is one bit too much. Seeing as Wideman was an UFA.
I remembered him pairing up with Ference too... on the PP I think he was paired with Chara (at least in the playoffs). I'm glad I'm not completely out to lunch.

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