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06-27-2012, 06:17 PM
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all this talk about who did what...
Oh you never won a cup
Oh you havnt made the playoffs since the lockout.

bla bla bla

No one gives a **** about the past.
It's about next season.....and right now...the canucks look pretty darn good....the flames will struggles to make 7th/8th in the west. The oilers will most likely miss the playoffs by quite a bit (no goalie, no D...and a very young group of forwards).
TML will struggle to make 8th.....they will struggle more so than Cgy unless they get a goalie. Luongo will help them get in the playoffs.
Vancouver is obviously the strongest team going into nxt season (of Schultz alleged favorites).
You guys bicker about things in the past like they have any bearing on the future. They dont.

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