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06-27-2012, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by 1865 View Post
Most of the players you list are either close to or achieving elite defensive status, is Bobby Ryan? Matt Read also earns far FAR less than Ryan too for multiple years.

Read doesn't = Ryan, but he's closer than you'd admit. What does Ryan provide to warrant so much? There's certainly not much on the scoreboard.
Funny you mention that, because the post I was responding to did not use the same logic as you are using. His logic was that Read's stats (offensive) were so close to Ryan's that it made it fair value...period. He made no mention of anything else. I responded with a ridiculous post, to show him how ridiculous his was.

And for the record, I think you're crazy if you think Read is anywhere close to Ryan's level. Ryan is considered a star winger, (not elite, but very good) with 40 goal potential once he gets 1st unit PP time, whereas, Read is...well, nobody knows...I'm sure, whether they'll admit it or not, most if not all Flyer fans will agree, otherwise they would be wanting to trade him for Ryan. We're talking apples to oranges here...

BTW, if you're really saying there's not much on the scoreboard, when describing Bobby Ryan, then really there's no reason to go any further with this discussion. His stats speak for themselves.

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