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Originally Posted by WildcatMapleLeafs28 View Post

Downe Melindy
Emond Racine
Roussy McGurty

Extra : Wood, Sweeney
Unknown: Mike Matheson

Veilleux Saulnier Saulnier
Jaskin Penny Barbashev
Lalonde Robichaud Johnston
Deruelle Hodge Tremaine

Extra: Malone, Centis-Jorge
Unknown: Vatrano, Shea

Free Agent Invites:

F Stephen Hrehoraik
Lw Alex Bradley
D Justin Lund
Jake Simpson
F Simon Tremblay
G Grady Grant
F David Stephens

Other Notables or Trade Bait:

Brandon Shea
Cameron MacDonald
Maxim Pitre
Jordan Labbe
Julien Belliveau

*2012 QMJHL Drafted players are NOT included because Flynn has stated it was a draft for the future. So they are not expected to make the team this season..
Mark my words... But Samuel Roussy will not make the Wildcats next year. McGurty is questionable same with Wood. If there is something I have learned over the years at different training camps, (dont know what Flynn does), but if there are younger guys who are even close to the same level, they will take the younger guys. Right now I personnally see the defence as:
Those last four spots could really go to any defenseman on their protected list. It really is about who performs best in camp. The top four is obviously set for now but you could ask various different people in the Q world and they would give you a different opinion on who will be in these bottom spots.

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