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Originally Posted by NitHeel View Post
The argument is that they can get something similar to the value of those players AT THE TIME THEY WERE TRADED.

Simmonds had a career year. Couturier proved to be a steal. Voracek had a very good year. Guess what happens to their value as a result?

The Leafs couldn't have given away Kessel last year. Now he's got value. Luke Schenn was a very difficult piece to move last year, this year he's a "change of scenery" guy. Giroux would have been a really tough sell last year, now he's a complete untouchable. Quick's value last year was tempered by the battle with Bernier, now he's an elite goalie. And on and on and on...

I'm not even arguing about Ryan's value. I think Anaheim should insist on Schenn and the Flyers shouldn't bite. End of story. But this argument that June 2011 value somehow is equal to June 2012's silly.

Originally Posted by hockeyfreak7 View Post
First of all, Carter was not traded for Couturier+Voracek. He was traded for Voracek+1st round pick.

So if you really want something equal to the Carter trade, Flyers fans will happily give you Voracek+Meszaros+1st. Rumor has it that Holmgren already offered that and was turned down.

Second of all, good luck finding one Flyers fan who claims Schenn or Couturier to be more valuable than Bobby Ryan. There is a difference between value and value to your team. Holmgren and management is committed to building around the three young centers, and the Luke Schenn trade only reinforces this notion.

That doesnt mean Flyers fans think Schenn>>>>Ryan, because that is obviously not the case. What it means is that the Flyers will not be dealing Brayden Schenn or Sean Couturier because they would rather see the potential of their young team before messing with the core.

Same appllies for the Rangers with Stepan and Kreider-- this is not unique to the Flyers.

So that funny little dialogue up there is completely false. Is Bobby Ryan a tremendous player? Absolutely. But to expect teams to restructure their entire future to acquire him is absurd. It's acceptable to demand Schenn/Couturier in return, but dont belittle Flyers fans for turning it down especially when you are demanding other core pieces (Meszaros/Coburn) on top of them.

But continue on. Once again, hyperbole and sensationalism are so much fun, so dont let the truth get in the way

Great posts. Well said.

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