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Originally Posted by ForeverAlone View Post
I think you only base that on last year with the Cunneyworth situation. but I've never seen the media turning things ugly when there are less francos in the team.Yes the normal complain here and there, but not create a turmoil like last year with the coach.

Besides, the majority of the coaching staff is franco, not like before and I've heard Michel Bergeron, Denis Gauthier and Gilbert Delorme talk about the fact that now that the coaching staff is bilingual, the language issue should be put aside and it's now Bergevin's job to build the best possible roster, regardless of language.

There's no lack of francophones in this organization anymore, so there's no point to complain about that, unless they're trying to create a ****storm to sell papers, in which case, I'm sure Bergevin will not give a single **** about.
Yeah but they where use of Gainey and Gauthier not giving a crap about a francophone presence on the team.... Bergevin is the new man and that french factor was one of the questions ask in is introduction as GM, that is the difference about the level the turmoil can turn out to be...

Whatever Bergeron, Gauthier or Delorme says is what they say in May with a new GM and the season being over.... we'll talk about it in october shall we, i might be wrong, i don't deny that, but experience points me in that direction....

Some people, media or fans may think that there is a lack of francophone ON THE ICE with this organisation.... And if you think media could be taking lightly, the Cunneyworth situation last season was exactly that, a media storm and the Habs had to do a lot of damage control....

Hope your right, that i'm too pessimistic about the fans and media in Montreal.....

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