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Originally Posted by HawkeyeCB View Post
You are being ridiculous again. You are bringing up points (and trying to argue with me) over something I didn't say.

I said it wouldn't hurt to sign Darche as a #13 or #14 forward. It's not his fault he was given all that extra ice-time (any single person here would have taken it). The problem was coaching and management. If he were brought back as a legitimate #13 or #14 forward, I see no problem. That's what I said. I didn't say bring him back and play him on the first line, did I? Jeeze.
Anyways , he is gone .No successful NHL team will carry Darche , sorry i don't agree with you ,will have to leave it at that.

I said right after Martin was fired, Darche was done it was game over for him then.

Habs we're kind enough to offer him a 2 way ,which is the way it should have always been, he shot them down .As i said KHL one yr deal, light it up and resign and cash in .

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