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Originally Posted by IggyFan12 View Post
If you look at the Flames teams of the early 90's there is no way they should have not won a playoff series until 2004! And Fleury was the best player on most of those teams, yes he played very well but he couldn't get the job done.

Fleury has upset alot of people in hockey, there is a reason why his jersey isn't retired in Calgary (I don't agree with it but it's a fact). Based on on ice only, he should be in, but I'm not holding my breathe.
I think we should anaylze Fleury's contributions to those first round losses.

1990 - 5 points in 6 games. He was a sophomore and the Flames were the best team in the NHL that year and should have never lost. A number of people to blame before Fleury

1991 - 7 points in 7 games. Scored three points in Game 7. Scored the overtime winner in Game 6. Not sure how much you can blame him for Vernon laying another egg in Game 7

1992 - no postseason

1993 - 12 points in 6 games. Scored 3 points in the deciding 6th game. Had a point in every single game. Not much more he could do.

1994 - 10 points in 7 games. Scored 2 goals in Game 7.

1995 - 14 points in 7 games. Had a 5 and 4 point game.

1996 - 3 points in 4 games. no longer favoured to win, losing to the Hawks.

You can tell Fleury poured his heart out in those series. It would be nice to have seen him get out of the first round, but when you analyze his track record you can see that while you can't reward him for playoff rounds he never played in, you also can't point the finger at him for the losses. Big difference compared to a guy like Tkachuk who rarely elevated his game at the important times. A guy like him you can penalize, Fleury you can't.

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