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Originally Posted by Lion Hound View Post
I like Shane Doan a lot. Rugged forward, stands up for his boys. True leader. At a good price, would like to see the guy on Broadway. I'm sure he wants a shot at a cup before he hangs em up.

Couple things though have to be factored... Top 2 RW positions are already firmed up. If Doan comes here are you going to either
A) Bump your 2nd year captain to bottom 6?
B) Try him on the left wall, and if so has he ever playednthenleft side?

Lastly, Doan is a real holy roller. Writes Bible passages on his sticks before games. Religion is not a bad thing IMO, each mans faith is his own path to choose, but not everyone thinks like that. Some guys like to spread that through the room. It can unify, or it can divide. How does a small town guy like Doan fit on this club in the middle of the greatest city in the world? Guess that is the uncertainty.
Doan is religious, but doesn't prothlesize. Its a personal matter for him. I think the worst you might get from him is a team prayer thing before a game.

I remember reading about this very thing years ago.

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