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Originally Posted by toughfighter83 View Post
what im saying is that voracek is a restricted fa and he wants 5 million and the flyers cant match, i think they are better off trading him instead of losing him for draft picks.
I haven't heard anything that suggests Voracek will only sign for 5 million or anything near that number.

like i said i dont think homer wants jake to be on the first line because he doesnt have experience on the first line, the flyers need a first line ready winger in FA or trade.
Every indication is that Jakub likes where he is at. Until I hear otherwise, I'm not worried.

It's amazing, really. For all the flak fans get for being rough on their players, besides wanting him to shoot more, nothing is ever said badly about Jakub. Why?

Nothing to report. Produces. Contract is okay. Clearly works hard. Doesn't deserve a ton of scrutiny and he barely receives any. The fans in this city are more fair than given credit for. Hearts on sleeves, prone to emotional reactions (myself included), but ultimately pretty intelligent and fair fans. Jakub is a good example.

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