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06-27-2012, 09:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
Whitesnake, color me surprised, your a sound hockey mind .
What i ask you is you scan the ENTIRE NHL, you feel Darche is the best Habs can do at that position?

You feel we could do just as good with Darche, why not Dandanult?He was a guy who came to work every night on the 4th line ,why not TKO?

Only reason Darche stuck around LONG as he did ? THE TEAM WAS SMURFS and ,when they seen Darche could see over the cross bar and willing to stand out front of net on pp? He was Martin's lovechild .
That alone should not have kept him here, it was a testament of how freaking poor this team was build .Then at the end as the ship sank, the captain said SIZE DOES MATTER....LOL...

I can list 5-10 guy's better than Darche on 4th line...That to me says good bye DARCHE .If you don't see it that way, your not giving your team the best chance to win .It's called evolution from a poor team to a contender. The weak links get cut and replaced .
Key word here....AS A 13TH FORWARD. Where do I talk about 4th line? 13th forward is OCCASIONAL 4th line. And that's also when you disregard potential callups that are doing great that can be recalled EVEN if Darche is available making him, even with 1 or even 2 injuries NOT in a lineup. Yet, he'd be there in practice mentoring kids. He'd be there if needed with his usually mistake-free game and so on. Yes I guess we can think that not having room for Darche means we're getting better....but that needs to be proven. While we have tons of faith in our new management, they might actually believe one guy will end up better and we might not see it that way. Of course, if somehow they add a Ott, a Tootoo, a Prust or whoever, we are a better team. But again, those players would be part, for me, in a regular lineup...not as 13th forward. Yes, then...who cares about the 13th forward...well it's because as far as I'm concerned, it's a part of a team nonetheless. And we are talking about it. I will always beleive that we can have opinions on guys no matter the role they have on a team.

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