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06-27-2012, 09:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Hawkaholic View Post
He's going to be better than Hammer, and thats the point.
You mean, you THINK he is going to be better than Hjalmarsson.

He isn't now and hasn't been progressing that direction. But yes, give or take six years or so, he may gain enough hockey sense to stop dashing grossly out of position to deal a big hit while letting his team get scored upon at which point he will stop being a liability on the ice like he is now (as proven by how two different coaches handled him, and the fact Burke gave up on him, even though he was at one time the centerpiece of his team ideal).

No point trying to keep arguing with someone as clueless as you.
Statistically you failed to make your case whereas mine is quite solid. You yourself agreed that he was also a complete failure last season. In fact, the only part of your argument that isn't in complete tatters is the idea that he MAY develop into a reasonably good defenseman someday, and I never disagreed with that.

Schenn's upside is better than Hjalmarsson's, and that's what Philly paid for, but he's far less likely to reach it and much further away from it.

I'm glad I had this opportunity to show you some proper player analysis and maybe show you a mistake or two you made, but sometimes I wonder if Magicslap had the right idea in the first place...

As for Wideman... well there's really no explanation for that. That's a move designed to ensure mediocrity for the foreseeable future. The Flames are not a well run organization.

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