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06-27-2012, 08:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Habaneros View Post
Oh right, the Habs just offered him a 2 WAY DEAL , he said no way.
What was the problem?So you think he'd like to sit in press box as an occasional 4 liner??

The one way deal went to his head,he never should have got one.....34 years with NOT ONE one way deal???,it just isn't me ......He caught a huge break with the Habs GM ,as Bob Mac called him "unseemly"
GAUTHIER run the Habs like a AHL TEAM .....he was bragging about having 5 UNDRAFTED players in the line up.../Habs finish last....

The Habs will replace him with a guy way more versatile,who can actually play pp if needed, and sub top 2 lines once and a while for REAL .. .

To sign Darche to a one way ,to sit him in press box is a waste...
So the Habs tells him what I said. But you know that as a hockey player, or whatever job you're doing, you always have in the back of your mind that you'll show them. That they won't be able to sit you. And so on. Yet, if it does happen that you are sitting, you'll never be able to say that you didn't know. Just put yourself in his shoes. You were never able to have a 1-way contract. But you contined working hard until your efforts were recognize and I'm sorry but Darche was often NOT the worst player on the ice. So you do achieve the ranks of guys that have 1-way contract. But then, it's return to sender and now offered a 2-way? Like I did say, might as well not offer him anything. And I believe that offering a 2-way was a way to show that they were interested but it's Darche who refused when everybody knew he would have refused such a deal to at least what was available out there.

And Darche being replaced a guy who plays the PP and sub the first 2 lines....I have no idea what you,re talking about. That guy HAS to play in our lineup. I won't take a 13th forward and make him run the PP and sub the first 2 lines....if he's good enough to do that, he's good enough to be in my lineup regularly.

No, if anything, Darche will be replaced by a Staubitz. Or a guy like him.

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