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Originally Posted by Captain Awesome View Post
Don't mean to derail the thread, but I played this recently. I hate JRPG's in general but I really liked this one, at least the surprisingly deep battle system. Any chance you can recommend more games like Tales of Vesperia?
Well first off just about any other game in the Tales series (if you have the systems)

Tales of Symphonia - Gamecube but of course can be played with the Wii
Tales of Graces f - PS3
Tales of Legendia - PS2
Tales of the Abyss - PS2/3DS

There's a sequel to Tales of Symphonia on the Wii but I would avoid that one since 1) It is a sequel game, and 2) Not that good (haven't finished it yet).

As for other games that have a similar battle system I don't think there's that many. I think Star Ocean The Last Hope comes close but I haven't really played it.

But anyways I suggest if you can to play those other great games in the Tales series. Similar battle system (minor changes within each game) and all around just as much fun as Vesperia.

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