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06-27-2012, 09:48 PM
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Bring one King back for this run

In the movie Field Of Dreams, one of my favorite parts is when they track down this deceased doctor and give him a chance to be a young man again and play with his childhood baseball heroes who "reside" as ball-playing ghosts on the field. He gets his chance, plays a few days, then has to go back to heaven as the real him, a doctor.

Now this run this year was pretty magical and you couldn't write a script like that. But if you were the script writer and could bring any one former King who you would put on this 2012 team as an extra forward, defenseman or Quick's backup so that they would get to maybe play a game and get their name on the Cup...

...who would it be? What former King would you find most deserving or you just loved the guy so much to be on this team?

(Only condition is they can't have their name on the Cup already so no guys like Gretzky, Robitaille, etc.)

Ok, GO.

- R

PS -
I thought up a couple guys, then a couple more, then soon I had like 30 guys...the first couple, one guy was kinda obvious and one guy was totally not obvious. So I chose the non-obvious guy...

Nelson Emerson

...always liked him and was happy he became a King...then he brought the "compete" to management, which helped out DL a bit to have that kind of mentality in the front office with him.

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