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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
As of now, the majority of people acknowledge that it might have been time for him to go. Most of them. I believe that, as I stated, that the ones who might have something against this move, are the ones who find, like me, a 2-way offer as not fair and would have probably prefered just a thanks but no thanks and hope you find a way to get your career going elsewhere. But as far as letting the hockey player go, the most ferocious separatist will have a tough time doing it. But we will have some. Yet, in this board, when Gaston Therrien says something, it's the whole RDS tv station that does it so I won't be surprised if I read that the "french medias" are all over this when it maybe just JC Lajoie and Réjean Tremblay who does....
Well I know there are sane voices in the French media and **** disturbers in the English (Jack Todd rivals almost any French journalist, minus the cultural pride overriding all factor but with the vindictive jackass quotient ramped up). To me, it wouldn't matter if Darche was offered a 2 way deal, no deal at all, traded to the LA Kings to help him be a winner or if he turned down a contract himself, there'd still be complaints the Habs made a grave mistake letting him leave. The ones who see it as sad when a local guy goes I don't mind.

We will always be drafting out of the Q and looking for Quebec born or French speaking players. Of course, we're expected to be perfect with this because some are still stuck in 1959 and think we can spot every great player in our backyard (after 1969 we had less chance for it due to the draft so promising young talent like Gilbert Perreault, Real Cloutier, Pierre Larouche, Mario Lemieux, Pierre Turgeon, Vinnie Lecavalier was out of our reach to draft). If the Habs don't find the great ones, they're vilified, distracting from issues where the team actually has been coming up short (player development of prospects, leadership, pro scouting, poor evaluations).

To these sorts, us missing out on Patrice Bergeron is a bigger reason for our sucking than any managerial decision or failure developing a once promising pick (but whining right away when a pick of ours is from somewhere like the USHL. When McDonaugh was taken, Timmins was mocked by many in the fanbase and media for his fascination with d-men and US high school and college kids and yet these very same people are likely now praising McDo and angry we traded him!)What I hate are the fans and media that are so biased and brainwashed by where a guy like Darche is from that they'd rather get rid of younger guys or a leader like Gionta or a Euro like Eller than ever see Darche go.

Those people do not deserve to talk hockey they're so uneducated and blinded by fanboy worship. Anglo Hab fans can be dumb too, though they base their ideas off of stuff unrelated to language often. It's nutbars who ruin it for the rest of us, whether Francophone or Anglophone. It's difficult to take living outside of Quebec because you just want to cheer and follow the team but get exposed to a bunch of societal stuff that can border on xenophobia or simply just powerful homegrown obsessions. When you don't live with that, it's confusing and irritating. But hey, in Toronto- where I live- there are the types who do the "more Ontario-grown content" too, ie. Cherry moaning about Burke's fascination with Americans and declining to add local GTA kids blah blah. It just doesn't have the same intensely proud rhetoric or political connotations.

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