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06-28-2012, 12:13 AM
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If Bystrom was going to get 10+ minutes a night with Modo then he should stay, no question. If he's only going to get 5-9 and yo-yo back and forth between Modo and the J-20 league then coming over to play with Plymouth is probably a better option. Besides he'll for sure get PP and maybe even PK time in Plymouth. Is he going to get that over vets for Modo?

The WHL is arguably the best junior league in the world. Getting to play a schedule that most resembles the AHL and NHL as far as games played, travel is a good thing to experience. The coaching staff is more than decent and because it's a junior league it's just as much about developing the player as it is winning.

Each player is different and not everyone can or should make the transition. The fact that he's got a friend on the team already should make that easier. I'll probably be pretty happy either way but there's something to be said for coming over and playing in one of the best development leagues in the world.

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