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06-28-2012, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by led zep View Post
Does anyone have the class6 (motorcycle or moped) license? I was thinking about getting one but I have no idea as how to go about it? Any school recommendations? Do you need to own a motorcycle before you take your driving exam, or do some schools provide this for you?
I do, but I got it about 30yrs ago.

Back then I went out to Ft. Sask and the test was easy peasy and got it no problem.

Back then you needed your own bike.

There was, and still is a motorcycle driver safety course you could take, which I would recommend. Not sure if they rent bikes or not. Im going to guess no.

Really though, the smart play would be to forget about getting a bike altogether. They are a lot of fun, but its dangerous as ****. Its not even your own riding, but all the cars around you that you have to worry about. Pretty much every day I had a close call, and eventually had someone pull right out in front of me and totaled my bike. Same thing happened to multiple friends.

Driving on the highway or doing long trips is much safer than riding in the city, especially at peak times, like if you are riding it to work/school every day. There are too many morons on the road and by riding a bike, you are putting your life in their hands. Its just not worth it.

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