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Originally Posted by UniverStalinGraduate View Post

I look at teams like Vancouver, and Detroit...they don't have an enforcer in their line up ever. Sure Vancouver has added some bigger tougher guys, but so have the Habs.

Bourque isn't an enforcer, but with the right coaching and proper mindset he can be a guy who can go in there and let guys know that you won't be taking liberties with Pricey, or PK.

Same with White. And Moen.
agree with everything else you posted...

and again, i'm no fan of fighting or of having a "goon"... but i also think that the depth players on any given team have to complement the rest of the group.

Both Vancouver/Detroit had the kind of elite skill that made/makes it very difficult for opposing teams to risk icing marginal "goons"... either for fear of ending up playing man-down, or the simple reality that a Datsyuk or Sedin can quickly make a lesser player look stupid on the ice.

Gainey/Gauthier certainly believed that they could build a roster that would likewise combat thuggery with skill, problem was that the "skill" they assembled wasn't quite elite enough... and not by much (and arguably a healthy Markov would have been the difference), but nonetheless the result the past few seasons has been a roster too small/timid to "fight fire with fire" and not skilled enough to make opposition pay for taking liberties.

result? early playoff exits, and several incidences of our players taking excessive abuse with little or not repercussion to the opposition, which in itself further limited the effectiveness of our skilled guys.

is 1 player enough of a difference? I'd say arguably yes... if that one player does enough to give the skill guys a bit more confidence to play their game, and that in turn they "punish" opponents more effectively (on the scoreboard) when they get advantageous match-ups either when the thugs on the other side are in the penalty box or on the ice.

i'm simplifying, and of course it isn't a straight forward causal relationship, but I've been around enough similar situations to know that a little bit of extra confidence can go a long way, and feeling like someone has your back can have a disproportionately huge impact on confidence.

and about Bourque... don't get your hopes up. He's not at all the Moen/White "type", even if he has the physical size to do so. At 30, it's not a new coach that's going to change that about him.

Originally Posted by habs03 View Post
Like someone said early, it would be a waste to have those guys in the pressbox most nights. Those guys are better goal playing with the Bulldogs.

Going into the season, our 4th line was suppose to be Moen-Betts/Noke-White with Darche being the 13 forward, and would have rarely played if it wast for all the injuries. Now if management would rather have someone else they feel might be better than I'm all for it. But Darche is fit perfect for that 13th forward role, a lot better then some of the young guys.
don't disagree as far as our recently drafted prospects go (last 2-3 years), but with Palushaj/Geoffrion, they were drafted 5-6 years ago, played several years of NCAA and significant amount of pro games... don't know that either have much more to learn/develop at AHL level, and would be equal/better solutions to Darche as the 13th fwd at this stage and would benefit from being with the big club on a regular training basis

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