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06-28-2012, 02:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Evil Doctor View Post
No, I would like to believe it, but I think the reality is that, unlike a certain Arizona suburban city, the City of Hamilton is actually playing this above board. Negotiating with multiple potential partners for MOUs and then picking the best. I suppose if there is a scramble for a quick landing spot for a team that needs relocating fast, Katz\AEG can play the "we have a team and we need a MOU now" card and jump the queue, otherwise they will have to compete with the other heavy hitters.

I'm keeping an eye on the upcoming Hamilton council meetings and seeing if anything of interest pops up this week...

As for Mayor Bob, I recall Bratina saying the same thing, but I always assume he's off his meds and take everything he says with a grain of salt, even if it makes sense...
Bob's brutal....I wish Fred got re-elected, would have been much better (on all fronts). Councillor Whitehead deals with this stuff on a day-to-day hopefully something comes from him soon.
Like I said in my other post....MLSE will likely lean towards a Hamilton franchise instead of a Markham one (if they have to choose). So this pressure of a new arena in Markham might make MLSE roll-over and accept Hamilton and Markham will take Hamilton's place as the place MLSE blocks.

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