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Originally Posted by JMROWE View Post
Maybe that is reason why the deal to give total control of Copps Coliseum to Katz group & AEG. did not happen a couple months back . Because the city must be in talks with this mystery owner along with katz\aeg. on a lease & also I recall mayor Bob Bratina saying that if Hamilton is going to get an NHL. team its going to be done behind close doors . So apperently mayor Bob Bratina along with this mystery owner & Katz\AEG. are willing to play by the Gary Bettman & the NHL. so called rules unlike Balsille & former mayor Esienberger did .
Eisenberger was pretty tight lipped I thought. As much as he could be with Rodier spouting off. Interesting that he is now on the NHLPA's payroll (I think he is still) and negotiations are starting up.
There has and always will be somebody interested in putting a team in Hamilton. Balsillie was just involved in the very public versions of it. There is, without a doubt in my mind, at least one person willing to be an Owner of a Hamilton NHL franchise. The game has changed with this new arena in Markham....MLSE now has a two-front war. I can't imagine they could try to "veto" both further is better and Hamilton will get their reluctant acceptance.
Heck...on the heels of Markham coughing up dough for this rink...I'd think the Town of Markham might even be willing to do what Rodier wanted to and challenge the NHL's territorial by-laws in court if it might help them. Hamilton would of course partake, as would Balsillie, Rodier, MLSE, Sabres, etc. Would be nasty. 2 NHL suitable facilities....demand...desire...owners...and refusal of franchises. Courts would be the only option.
I assume the NHL (not sure why I keep giving them credit) would choose to avoid that sort of publicity and/or court issues and place a franchise where the closest franchises (TOR/BUF) agree on. Which would be Hamilton. Buffalo doesn't seem to be enormously opposed to a team in Hamilton....regardless of what some sound bytes imply.

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