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06-28-2012, 03:02 AM
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Originally Posted by rabbit3119 View Post
First off, a huge congratulations to you guys and your first ever Stanley Cup. I'm originally from Arizona, but now I'm a resident of Torrance, CA (by Hermosa Beach) and it was very cool to see.

Now, i know we've built quite the rivalry between us seeing as this year, we seemed to get a bit nasty with each other, but i have a few questions. I know a lot if you were not too fond of Doan, while i love the guy, if your feelings for him are anything close to the way i feel about Brown i completely understand but there is a big chance he doesnt sign with us due to our ownership ********. It's complete ******** and itwas has been messing with our heads for years now. We may see our biggest repercussion in less than a week if Doan ends up leaving. With that said, Doan wants a cup, and he wants to stay close to the area...who better than the Kings if he has to leave...right? I guess what I'm asking is, how would you guys feel if you signed him? And after this year, do you think Lombardi would? Maybe why he hasn't really hinted at signing Penner?
If you check out the offseason discussion thread there is plenty in there about potentially signing Doan.

Let's just say there isn't much of a grey area when it comes to Doan. Some are very for it, some are very against it.

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