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Originally Posted by Trance Kuja View Post
It's part of what makes the Tales games so great. It has a distinctive, addicting battle system.
Agreed. Nice change of pace from the turn based system.

Originally Posted by Captain Awesome View Post
Thanks for the thorough reply, man.

I have all of those systems actually, any one you think stands out as the clear cut best one?
Go with either Symphonia or Graces f. Can't go wrong with either. Those two and Vesperia are the 3 best IMO. Personally I think Symphonia is as good if not better than Vesperia.

But I'm probably rating the games as a whole and not only on the battle system since I love JRPGS. Graces f has a bit deeper system (not at first but maybe 2 hours or so in it develops) if that's just your focus.

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