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06-28-2012, 04:55 AM
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Optimistic About Free Agency

I'm quite optimistic about how free agency will work out for the Blues this year and it is largely because of the numbers.

The tentative salary cap announced for next season is about $70M, leading to a cap minimum of $54M. The Blues are sitting at $42M in cap payroll for next year. Oshie, Perron, and Nichol should get locked up for about $8M total (4M, 3M, 1M). That gives us a cap hit of about $50M which leaves us still $4 short of the cap floor. I have little doubt that Armstrong is authorized to spend, maybe, $4 more than the cap floor, perhaps? That leaves us with about $8M to play with (and only one or two holes to fill).

$8M should be enough to be competitive for Suter, should it not? If management doesn't target Suter, it is more than enough to sign Garrison. Signing Garrison and a 3C should be possible with that amount of money. Really, $8M is a ton of space to be creative with. And don't forget, we would need to take on at least $4 just to make it to the cap floor! Really, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Anyway, I realize I'm making a lot of assumptions when it comes to the numbers but I wanted to share why I'm looking forward (with my fingers crossed) to July 1st.

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