Thread: Salary Cap: $64.3M Upper Limit for '11-'12
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06-28-2012, 09:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Its hard to argue that a roll-back is not a logic result, more than anything else, if the cap is lowered.


If the cap is lowered its because the PA will get a smaller piece of the cake. Once you have agreed on that, the rest is only about how that piece of the cake shall be divided among the members of the PA (the players).
I disagree...if i'm a player that has a current contract, why am I being penalized for having years left on my deal? So i'm supposed to give up 25% of MY contract that I EARNED so the other guys who got paid their ENTIRE contracts already without giving up a penny can make more $$ in their next deals? screw that. i'm keeping my $$ and then when my contract is up i'll take my paycut then. just like the guys that already earned their full contracts will take a lower deal now.

plus i'm willing to take the gamble that the cap will go up before my deal expires

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