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Luongo XVII - Goaldeny (Mod Warning In OP)

Excellent thread title, shamelessly stolen from these two posts:
Originally Posted by Killericon View Post
Originally Posted by 94eleven View Post
The other ones:
Roberto Luongo I - Dr Luuuuuu
Roberto Luongo II - From Vancouver With Love
Roberto Luongo III - Goldwinner
Roberto Luongo IV - Thunderpuck
Roberto Luongo V - You Only Get Traded to Florida Twice
Roberto Luongo VI - On Her Majesty's Secret Tire Pumping Service
Roberto Luongo VII - Jennings are Forever
Roberto Luongo VIII - Sieve and Let Die
Roberto Luongo IX - The Man With The Golden Medal
Roberto Luongo X - The GM Who Loved Me
Roberto Luongo XI - Luoraker
Roberto Luongo XII - For Your 1st-and-a-Prospect Only
Roberto Luongo XIII - UnoLussy
Roberto Luongo XIV - A Lu for a Steal
Roberto Luongo XV - The Luongo Trade-fights
Roberto Luongo XVI - Licence to Save

For reference, here the list of James Bond films I am basing the thread titles off of:

I'm sure there is a perfect trade proposal that all parties would agree on buried somewhere in the previous 16,000 posts. Whoever finds it gets an automatic nomination for the King Clancy Memorial Trophy next season.

Mod Edit - Remember folks - stay civil. No warnings needed as we have about 30+ in the other threads.

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