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06-28-2012, 11:08 AM
JJ Johnson
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Hey guys,

I'll answer that question from a perspective where I'm assuming the "pre-workout nutrition" question here is targeted towards "hockey performance" as the main goal/objective.

Try to eat 1.5-2hrs before hockey with carbohydrates (5oz sweet potato... 1 cup quinoa... 1 cup whole grain rice, etc...) & protein (5oz chicken breast... extra lean ground beef... fish... etc...).

If you eat too close to game time, your body won't have sufficient time to digest the food and get the nutrients from it, as all the blood will be in your working muscles (and not in your gut/organs for digestion & absorption of food)... if you eat too far from game time, 3hrs + for example, then you'll start to feel hungry and be in a "catabolic" state, not where you want to be for optimal performance.

About 15-20min before game time, sipping on your "In game workout fuel" will start to get your blood sugar at an optimal state for competition, and the creatine and caffeine will start to have a positive, stimulating effect on your nervous system (helping you to get to a quick start early in the game, when the other guys are slow to start in the first period!).

During the game, 100%, performance is optimized by drinking a beverage consisting of water, carbohydrates and amino acids (BCAAs). Additionally, creatine and caffeine can really help with power endurance. There is an absolute consensus in the scientific community about this.

Of course, if you happen to be playing hockey (of course, you're posting on this forum! ) but your goals aren't necessarily "performance based" (i.e. your main objective is not to be the best player you can be,,, whether you're trying to make a team, or simply enjoy pursuing your best as an athlete), but rather are more focused on "weight loss, or getting cut", then the recommendations are very different. I just responded assuming your objective is "performance based".

Hope that helps!

Take care guys...

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