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06-28-2012, 11:21 AM
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All this new so called arena in Markham will be is 1 giant white elephant beacause MLSE. will never allow another NHL. team to take root in there backyard without a huge & I mean huge fee to give up there teritory rights & the amount would be somewhere in the nieghborhood of 100 -150 million maybe more . Besides acording to the conference board of canada Toronto (GTA.) cannot handle another pro sports team when they have trouble supporting the 7 they already have not to mention the cost of a 2nd NHL. team in Toronto (GTA.) would astronomical given the cost of a new arena , team & paying off MLSE. . That is why they listed Hamilton & Quebec City as the only cities left in canada that can support an NHL. team it just makes more economic sense to put teams there than a 2nd team in toronto (gta.) & lets be honest the only cities in north america that can support more than one team in the same sport are New York , Los Angeles & Chicago because there populations are in the 10's of millions & lets be realistic here Toronto (GTA.) is no NY. , LA. or Chicago .

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