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Originally Posted by Eskimo44 View Post
Yes he does. When he's in the lineup he's one of the primary PKers. It's probably his greatest strength as an NHLer.

Edit: Just looked it up, he's second on the team in ice time per game on the PK. His 2:40 is 11 sconds more per game than what #3 Petry got. Smid plays easily the most at 3:22.

Seriously Peckham is a terrific PKer, so is Hal Gill. Players can find niche's and excell in them. Peckham is a good young defenseman, he was an excellent shutdown option in the AHL prior to becoming an NHLer. He was also with Petry the youngest regualr defenseman on the team. We need to have patience with our young players. He has shown some very solid flashs of ability. People don't seem to understand how long it can take for a dman to become a consistent option at Evens, especially the defensive type. Willie Mitchell wasn't Wille Mitchell the NHLer untill he was 25, and even then it took a few years before he began to excell. We don't need to run another Matt Greene out of town, these types of players have value in defined roles. He certainly has some learning to do but he isn't in the NHL without merit, he obviously has his strengths.
I stand corrected. Supposedly I missed a point too. Bad post overall.

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