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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
ill chime in.

dylans size and skating are impressive for such a big bruising player. hes an imposing, intimidating figure on the ice. until you stand next to him on skates, you dont really realize his largeness. he hits to hurt. and he can flat out bring it. dude can fight. he will hurt you if he catches you on the beak.

on top of all that, hes an entirely solid guy and a future team leader/captain. by all accounts, hes a solid person and that does make a difference.

having said all that, my concern is pretty simple. alot of what i just wrote could be about any number of lower round pick/prospects in that years draft and also a few free agents. all those things are nice but they arent true "hockey talent". in other words, what dylan brings was available at other than the 10th overall pick in that draft. there were other guys who had similar skill sets taken below dylan.

and on top of that, and perhaps more importantly, there were other players still available at the time he was chosen that were more ready, more talented, and less long term project. they were in a word, safer.

dylans hockey sense or "hockey iq" isnt off the charts and in fact, it continues to be a work in progress. those who have watched him the last few years are impressed with his overall play and general steady improvement but his overall on ice effectiveness continues to be so-so. his decision making needs to improve.

hes got enormous potential to be a shut down guy but he is also just as likely to be a bottom pair guy who adds a dimension that all teams need but at 10-12 minutes per night, is that enough ?

was he the right pick at 10 ? time will tell but there is room in this organization or any for that matter, for a guy like dylan mcilrath. he will play.

then again, theres a ton of room for vlad tarasenko too.....
im not positive, but the number of NHL defenseman who can physically scare the crap out of team with his hitting, protect teammates as a legit heavyweight, and play a regular shift can probably be counted on 1 hand....and frankly very few players do all 3. Chara has ragdolled a bunch of ppl so nobody ever wants to fight him....Weber i havent seen fight much, but in what ive seen, hes looked like an average fighter...i could be wrong. Phaneuf is probably the best example of all 3, except hes more of a middleweight than a heavyweight since he usually wont fight the big boys, but will drop the gloves when asked upon by the average fighter. Carkner is a helluva fighter, but he CAN NOT be counted upon to take regular shifts...same with John Scott. Jeff Beukeboom was a freak of nature...legit top 4 defenseman, legit monster hitter, legit fighter. That combination is very, very unique, don't be fooled. Just because so many guys are taken who are supposed to have those aspects doesnt mean it comes to fruition...players like these are damn near impossible to find.

I hated the McIlrath pick, I still do, because its an enormous gamble with such a high pick. But if he turns out to be a guy who can hit like he can hit, fight like he can fight, AND play regular minutes without you being on pins and needles (E.G. Garnet Exelby), it would be a homerun of a pick.

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