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Originally Posted by Spezzator View Post
Quick deserves to receive one of the highest goalie salaries in the league. He's not just a great goalie, he's a goalie who falls into that distinguished category of players who can put the team on their backs and carry them. Everyone is quick to forget that the Kings were not a powerhouse that stormed their way to the Cup from Day 1 of the season. They barely even made it into the playoffs. The fact they did is almost exclusively thanks to Jonathan Quick.

Anything less than $6 million is a steal.
In the same category than Miller, Ward, Backstrom, Kiprussoff, Giguere and Lundqvist ? (5 800 000$+) (Take into account than since their goalie got a big contract, these team in average performed under the league average)

Carolina Ranking since Cam Ward earn 6 300 000$:

2011-2012:23th no playoff
2010-2011: 19th no playoff

Calgary Ranking since Kiprusoff earn 5 800 000$:

2011-2012: 17th no playoff
2010-2011: 17th no playoff
2009-2010: 16th no playoff
2008-2009: 10th - Lost in first round

BUF Ranking since Miller earn 6 250 000$

2011-2012:19th no playoff
2010-2011:15th - First round
2009-2010: 11th - first round

MIN ranking since Backstrom earn 6 000 000$

2011-2012:24th no playoff
2010-2011:21th no playoff
2009-2010:22th - No playoff

NYR since Lundqvist earn 6 875 000$

2008-2009: 12th - Lost in first round
2009-2010: 21th - No playoff
2010-2011:18th - Lost in first round
2011-2012:2th - Semi Final

Anahiem/Toronto while Giguere earned 6 000 000$

2007-2008:5th first round
2008-2009:17th - first round
2009-2010: 17th - no playoff (Anaheim)
2010-2011:22th, no playoff (Toronto)

To conclude since the lockout, the result of all team who had a 5 800 000$+ goalie,

Over 20 compiled season they:

- Make the playoff 8 time (Average should be 10 or 11)
- Make it once past the first round (NYR 2012) (Average should be 5)
- Was only twice in the top ten team in the ranking (NYR 2012, ANA 2008)
(Average should be 7)

If you want to join their Boat and give 6 000 000+ to Quick, go ahead (Giguere, Ward on this list got these kind of contract after a cup)

Of course we can argue that they didn't had success because these elite goalies was behind weak teams (even if CAR and Ana won the cup while their goalie had reasonable contract) But guess why these team are weak ? Because their goalie take lot of cap space!Their goalie e is suppose to make up for it, make the difference, bring them over the top, but they dont.

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