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Originally Posted by Hull and Oates
From what I have read, Saskatchewan has roughly the same population as Manitoba, just not as centralized. Even Mark Chipman has quietly praised the idea..
Keep in the mind the two major population centres, Saskatoon & Regina, are just over 200,000 each (Saskatoon metro is about 230K), with no significant population between the two cities (no towns over 5,000). As previously mentioned, Manitoba's population is largely concentrated around Winnipeg while Saskatchewan's population is very spread out. The City of Glendale is slightly larger than Saskatoon and at least it is part of the Phoenix metro area; not the sole, principle city of the metro area. Mark Chipman is wise to quietly praise the idea, at the very least he does not want to alienate Saskatchewan from the Winnipeg Jets brand (merchandise sales, occasional ticket sales, etc.).

Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun
eh, agree to disagree. Mentioning Saskatoon in the same breath as Vegas and Hartford and the Hampton Roads as a locality likely to present an expansion bid to the NHL in a few years seems reasonable, as they're all talked about markets that have voiced their interest in the past (with Saskatoon especially getting some media coverage in the past year about wanting a team, albeit fraught with strong hints of incredulity at the mere possibility), but don't seem at all likely to actually be awarded a franchise. I was just pointing out that probably a decent number of cities would have potential ownership groups express at least a formal interest in having a team in their market, Saskatoon being one of them.

The fact that it's been so long since the last expansion cements the likelihood of that happening. Wouldn't be surprised if every city I mentioned above present expansion bids and several other ones not even considered also step forward with offers, too.
Maybe, but some seem more plausible than others. At varying degrees and in no particular order - Seattle, Quebec City, Houston, Kansas City, southern Ontario (including Hamilton or Toronto II), Portland, etc. pose at being realistic candidates for and NHL franchise. One can debate the likelihood it coming into fruition but we can all agree that those markets are conceivable.

Saskatoon can send all the proposals it wants from the NHL, but like Duluth MN, Sioux Falls SD, Spokane WA, or Boise ID (Spokane & Boise are both twice the size of Saskatoon) it's not actually going to be legitimate option for NHL relocation/expansion. Saskatoon would likely even be considered a small AHL market - though it would be a more realistic option. Unless Saskatoon experiences a very high level of sustained growth within the next 20-30 years, that isnít going to change.

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