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06-28-2012, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
You have provided one example - one that I even mentioned in advance. One instance is not a trend, it is not a pattern, and it sure isn't the 'big picture'. One instance if it stays one instance is an anomaly. You can make everything plausible if you assume one example makes a case.
Not saying there aren't more lying around, but as said I cannot really think of any (other) good examples and apparently neither can you.

I can admit when I make a mistake (there have been many obviously), and did so as regards St.Louis trading for the pick.

Lets even say that Terasenko was a superb example of a GM dealing from strength (St.Louis had a fine D-pipeline indeed) to address a weakness. It was.
That doesn't mean that Terasenko's situation was normal or indicative of any trend (less so when we're likely talking non-hockey reasons for his falling), nor that there's the same clear cut value proposition when you trade for an as yet unrealized draft pick, as it was when for instance Goligoski netted proven NHL players and both sides of the trade was known.
All you need is one example to see the value is there. You want to brush it aside, again not my problem. I'm not the one who is worried here.

Also, do you think GMs make a habit of trading off top four potential blueliners in 1 for 1 deals before they mature? You act as if there is a surplus of these prospects on every team. You fail to see the forest through the trees....

And again you are the one who is concerned about their trade value being affected before they mature, not me.

I get it. You are high on faith with this one. I just think in the battle between one example of this and a litany of examples of the other, the one comes up short. I suppose that is my shortage of faith.
I am high on expecting these blueliners to get their chances just as Despres and Strait did this year. I'm not concerned about their value being a "sweetener" like you are.


No. As you very well know, I stated you were NOT against signing Martin, despite repeatedly claiming it this season after he turned out not to be the solution Shero and most here hoped and thought. And I showed you your own quote from the day the signing went down. How can you dance with this one?

You even want to obfuscate on that top3 matter, after calling me out as a liar and insuring that such a quote could not be found? Yet there it is, bolded and underlined. Yet you tell me you don't see it anywhere????
I think you need to go back and read your quote I responded to. If that is what you were in fact actually trying to convey, you did a **** poor job (but I admit I have been guilty of that before). I already explained in a post above the context in which I took your statement.

"Much like how you now claim you were always against the Martin pick-up while hailing our D as top-3 in the league when Shero made the deal"

So again when did I ever claim I was always agt. the Martin signing? I have been defending him all offseason, stating I supported Shero's decision to sign him.

The only statement I made that you could of twisted around, was when someone brought up signing Whitney and I said I had preferred him over Martin two years ago (fact), so I would love to see him come here. How that could be misconstrued, especially after all of the time I have spent defending Martin, is beyond me.

Again, it's a lie. I'm not sure how else to sugar coat that. So when someone lies about something you have said, it is difficult not to misconstrue it, especially when the statement was poorly phrased to begin with.

Essentially you put the onious on yourself now to find the quote (s) where I stated I was always agt the Martin signing. When you come up short, I expect an apology...

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