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Originally Posted by Rob Paxon View Post
I read this article earlier. We've covered all its points at one time or another but it'll be worthwhile to have it all in a focused thread, considering that packaging Ennis for Ryan / etc has been debated in various places.

I disagree with the premise of trading him for the kinds of return we've been discussing, but I don't disagree that the numbers should caution people's expectations for next season.

Well, facts plus conjecture and analysis. The notion that his trade value right is currently inflated is obviously conjecture and speculation. We have no way of knowing what his market value is much less what his "real" value will prove to be.

And quality of competition serves as an important consideration in analysis but it doesn't alone discredit or minimize performance, for example, regardless of external factors such as who they were playing against, it is clear Ennis elevated the play/production of Stafford and Foligno.
Facts were used to make the arguement was what I meant.

Look I'm not suggesting he should get traded. But this over the top hyping he gets from some needs to be tempered by reality. He did what he did playing lesser competition.

When teams face us they put their top defensive guys out against Roy's line. Chara was Roy's most frequently faced opponent this year and his top ten is litered with the better defensive dmen in our division and conference.

When Ennis puts up numbers against those guys. Then we can declare him our best offensive player. Until then he is a very talented youngster with potential as is Hodgson. Poster seem to forget the relative success of that 3 line setup was due to Roy at the head of the class. His line made life easier for the other two.

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