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06-28-2012, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by GodHatesBuffalo View Post
I wouldn't make that claim if I were you. I said the same thing in another thread and it was heavily contested. Apparently there are some on this board who only trust in years of statistical production as a means to analyze players.

Now you and I can watch the entire Sabres team play all of 2011-12, and clearly see with our own eyes that Ennis was by far (with the exception of pommer at times) our most noticable and creative offensive player. Others only look at an internet page saying he has 15G and 19A. I even extrapolated the stats over an 82 game season to give a more accurate description. They said: "You can't do that".

I just did.
You only say this because Vanek was hot at the beginning of the year and Ennis was hot at the end of the year. Vanek's hot streak was far more impressive because it was against top competition every shift, nevermind that he was centered by Luke Adam.

Pominville was consistent from start to finish and, yes, should be considered a better offensive player than Ennis because he is more reliable and performs against top competition consistently. I do think Ennis will shortly prove himself a better offensive player than Pominville but he's not there yet.

Vanek is underrated here.

Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
Look I'm not suggesting he should get traded. But this over the top hyping he gets from some needs to be tempered by reality. He did what he did playing lesser competition.

When teams face us they put their top defensive guys out against Roy's line. Chara was Roy's most frequently faced opponent this year and his top ten is litered with the better defensive dmen in our division and conference.

When Ennis puts up numbers against those guys. Then we can declare him our best offensive player. Until then he is a very talented youngster with potential as is Hodgson. Poster seem to forget the relative success of that 3 line setup was due to Roy at the head of the class. His line made life easier for the other two.
I'm with you on every point and my comments were directed at the article, I just used your statement as a gateway.

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