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Originally Posted by Melrose_Jr. View Post
I like Prust, but honesty, I expected to see more during the playoffs. That would have been the time to make a case for a hefty raise by stepping up and covering for guys who also struggled to contribute for whatever reason. I don't expect much in terms of offense, but I expected more of the "timely" goals, like the one in game 5 against NJD. 3G, 2A for the months of March, April and May combined simply does not earn you a $2M/year contract regardless of your role.

I also reject the notion that he's a critical piece of the PK. It lives and dies with Callahan and the defensemen. Stepan spent more time killing penalites in the postseason than Prust did. Boyle spent more time on the PK too despite missing 3 games with a concussion.
torn tendon in finger

i really can't comprehend how a select few people can't comprehend that he was playing with a torn tendon in his finger since january-- and still managed to drop the gloves a few times.

i can't even see cally as our best pk guy... boyle easily trumps him on the pk. feds was great, too... anisimov and stepan were huge parts. prust as well. cally's good and all, but lives and dies? no way.

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I don't think anyone has a problem with him asking for more money. At least I don't. I don't love him running to twitter and blabbing.
for the freaking 150th time... sather complained about prust's negotiations to the media before prust said a word. big freaking deal. so he said he didn't like the management on twitter. good for him. held his ground. guy shows he has a spine every night he's on the ice. he does it once off the ice and you guys get mad about it?

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