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06-28-2012, 01:40 PM
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All these QoC indicate more to ME is the use of coaching strategy more than a player's skill. Why would a coach not take advantage of a situtation that might help the team score a goal or defend a goal? If Ruff thinks that Ennis will possibley net him a goal more than say Gaustad in the offensive zone then why does it have to be a strike against a player? Same thing in the defensive zone. If Ruff feels that Gaustad has a better chance of winning a faceoff or stopping a PP than say Ennis, how does that make Ennis look incapable of playing any type of defense.

Not everybody is a Superb two-way Player. There's probably 5-10 guys in the whole league that can play elite two way play.

When Ennis is NOT in the lineup, IMO, this team doesn't look dangerous at all. When he is out there, he makes things happen. Now that he found linemates that he can use, people want to try and prove that all his goals, assists mean nothing because they are against 2nd and 3rd tier defensemen. He probably has the best hands of the team if not the best.

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