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06-28-2012, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
it's not a strike against the player. It's simply context through which their "numbers" should be evaluated
That's fine, but posters on here use these "numbers" to downplay a players stats only for comparing. To me, these stats just tell me who a coach trusts more in a certain situation.

I find it hilarious that these stats are the "IT" thing this season. I don't remember ever hearing about QoC in any other season before this, and it seemed to pop up around the All-Star game.

I'm sorry, but I trust more of what I see on the ice, than what numbers tell me. These numbers just help people prove or disprove someones opinion depending on which way they want to spin them.

Heck, you can say Giroux when he was playing for Philly before he became the #1 center, was playing sheltered minutes. And look how well he has turned out. These QoC should not be used to judge a player's talent level. I can see you might use them as backup for your opinion, but not used soley as your only facts which certain posters on here do sometimes.

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