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Rangers Off Season Prediction

After reading so many opinions and speculations over the past few weeks. This is my gut feeling what perhaps we may end up see happening this off season from the New York Rangers.

Rangers of course as everyone knows are trying to make a blockbuster deal for either Bobby Ryan or Rick Nash. Other players that they may go after as well through trade are Keith Yandle and Paul Stastny.

I expect that Sather won't bite on either Rick Nash or Bobby Ryan as they'll be asking for too much.

I wouldn't be surprise to see Rangers acquire Paul Stastny or Keith Yandle though.

Trading Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, and Erixon for Keith Yandle may not be such a bad idea. Cap space wise we'd be saving up especially come next year with Anismov being an RFA, and the move would save us from having to sign a d-man.

Maybe trading Brandon Dubinsky, Tim Erixon and a 1st for Paul Stastny is another move we can possibly make. This giving Rangers more depth in the center position. Having a 2nd line of Chris Kreider- Paul Stastny- Ryan Callahan sounds legit.

In the end, I predict Rangers will not pull the trigger on a trade, they will keep all their assets and look to add more assets through free agency as they would have money to do so.

Rangers will look to give Parise a long term deal most likely worth around 8M a season. If they do get Parise, look for Rangers to move Brandon Dubinsky for a defenseman who doesn't cost a lot to the cap and a pick. My guess is that Parise will either return to New Jersey or sign in his home town Minnesota at the price of 9M a season. If he goes anywhere else, I really do believe he'll have a change of heart and come play in New York. My guess, he'll sign with Minnesota.

Rangers will not pursue Alex Semin since I haven't heard any rumors of Rangers having interest in Semin. So I believe during their meetings they decided No to Semin. I believe after Frolov and Zherdev having bad runs in New York, they do not want to consider Semin. Their sights will be on Nash, Ryan and Parise. Semin will end up signing elsewhere as I do believe someone will over pay for him. Rangers will want nothing to do with that. He will end up being a solid signing wherever he goes, as he'll put up 30-35 goals, but then will be a bust come playoffs.

So what's left to do then?

If none of the trades get done and end up not signing Parise or Semin.
Gaborik is injured and they already lack scoring.
Something will still get done so not to panic... Maybe it will be better off they miss out on a trade and lose the Parise sweepstakes as another huge long term contract could cause problems for Rangers in the near future.

Firstly, they will re-sign Michael Del Zotto who I believe will earn around 3 to 3.5M a season.
So subtract 3.3M we'll say off of the 21,116,667M that they have to spend this off season.
Knock off another 1.5M for Biron, and 1.2M for Stralman.

This leaves them with 15,116,667M around to spend.

That's a lot of money for new additions.

I expect Schultz to sign with either Edmonton Oilers or Vancouver Canucks and Suter to sign with the Detroit Redwings.

I'm predicting that Jaromir Jagr will end up signing back with the Phladelphia Flyers for another season.

Rangers will then look at I believe 3 players, with one of them signing here.

Ryan Smyth, Ray Whitney and Shane Doan.

I believe this player will end up being Shane Doan for 2 years 5M a season.

Rangers will still have 10,116,667M to spend.

I believe Rangers will throw money at a depth defenseman either being Zanon, Foster or even bring back Matt Gilroy for around 1.7M a season.

My guess is Kurtis Foster.

8,416,667M left.

I believe Rangers will bring back Stu Bickel at .800M a season.

Now 7,616,667M left.

Rangers will bring back both Kris Newbury and John Mitchell combined for around 1.5M.

6,116,667M left now.

With that money left Rangers will then try to sway in the wizard Ray Whitney or Peter Mueller. I believe Rangers will be higher on the younger american boy Peter Mueller for a 2 year deal at 3.6M a season.

Left on the cap now 2,516,667M going into the season with the roster of...

line combos. could and will change.
Kreider- B.Richards- Gaborik
Dubinsky- Stepan- Doan
Mueller- Anisimov- Callahan
Hagelin- Boyle- Rupp
spares- Newbury, Bickel, Mitchell

Staal- Girardi
McDonaugh- Del Zotto
Erixon- Foster
spares- Stralman, Sauer, Bickel

then during the season come trade deadline look for Rangers to add a superstar with moving either Erixon or Del Zotto along with Dubinsky or Stepan or Hagelin, and a 1st.

Weber, Getzlaf, and Iginla alll being possibilities. Who knows who else.

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